"DNFT tickets can enable attendees to interact with the event in revolutionary new ways."

"DNFT tickets can enable attendees to interact with the event in revolutionary new ways."

Ilya Zhurin, OG Protocol business development lead, suggests how organizers can make their event an interactive experience.

Imagine that you bought a ticket to a conference. An NFT file was sent to you as a pass. You start attending conference events, upload pictures with colleagues to Twitter, and listen to lectures — and with every action, your NFT ticket evolves, changing shape and colors. The more time you spend at the conference, the more interesting and unique your NFT looks. At a certain point, it starts bringing you rewards: access to after parties and discounts for the next year. Soon your NFT becomes a valuable and unique token, but this is still the same old ticket that you bought at the very beginning. That is exactly the experience dynamic NFTs provide, but let me explain. |

Why do event organizers need dynamic NFTs?

Tickets as NFTs is an innovative approach to community building around a band, artist, sporting team, or event.

Take Coachella for example. They sold NFTs that grant the holders lifetime passes to the festival, access to unique experiences, and digital collectibles. They also promise some future metaverse adventures, which sounds pretty cool. I believe it is one of the early examples of how NFTs can create a unique experience and give event organizers an edge in the digital space.

Dynamic NFT tickets go even further, as their metadata can change in response to what people do and how they interact with the event. It unlocks limitless possibilities to integrate quests, challenges, and tasks in any event. This can make the whole experience more interactive, invite people to take an active part in the event, and have their achievements reflected in a rare NFT that evolved like no other. Such an exclusive NFT could become a token of loyalty and commitment to their favorite artist or athlete and give the NFT holders exclusive benefits. Isn’t that cool?!

It’s not only real-life event organizers that can benefit from NFT ticketing. Metaverse events rival IRL events in attendance and flair, and NFT tickets can enable attendees to interact with the event in revolutionary new ways and be rewarded for it. This is something I’m especially excited about!

Ideas for use with both IRL and online events

Dynamic NFT tickets may change when attendees interact with artists/performers, complete tasks set by organizers, share on social media, write comments, upload videos of themselves using the events tags, and attend more days or events of a conference. Attendees’ NFTs may evolve based on the quality/quantity of interactions and provide different privileges and bonuses accordingly. Exact mechanics and rules should be defined on an individual basis, but the variations are limitless.

How will the OG Protocol help them solve their problems?

Dynamic NFTs are exciting, but their implementation may be challenging. There are several aspects that have to be considered, from ideation to the creation of dynamic NFT logic, to art, to implementation and ongoing support.

The team behind OG Protocol started with NFTs back in 2018. The idea to create a tool to help other web3 companies have dynamic NFTs was born after we launched our own successful dynamic NFT collection. We made mistakes, corrected them, and tested different approaches until we discovered the best formula for dynamic NFTs.

Now we want to help web3 teams to have dynamic NFTs of their own that would engage their community and offer limitless opportunities for experiments and growth that dynamism has to offer.

We focus on the software that powers dynamic NFTs, and we’re happy to discuss the dynamic NFT logic that you have in mind, or just talk about the future of web3. So don’t be a stranger, drop us a message. 😎

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