Dynamic NFTs: 8 most interesting use-cases in 2022

Dynamic NFTs: 8 most interesting use-cases in 2022

2022 was a great year for Dynamic NFT’s as they continue to grow fast in popularity and be adopted by more industries. In this article, we pick out just some of the most exciting projects in this space!


Botanica Trees are made up of 1,000 maintainable, seasonally changing 3D trees - growing from a sapling in real-time, and they will be coming to the Cardano blockchain soon.

These NFTS are dynamic, as the trees can be pruned and cut to the owners liking over time, whilst regrowing in a random direction.


Zerion Dynamic

What is Zerion DNA?

Zerion Dynamic NFT Avatar (DNA) is a living NFT that evolves with every wallet action. Basically a reward for being active.

Your Zerion DNA is, therefore, your on-chain footprint, reflecting the networks you use, assets you hold, and gas you’ve spent.

The NFT evolves with every transaction made as long as several conditions are met!

More here.

Sheba Hope Grows Collective

No-one wants to see the end of coral reefs, and individual action may feel almost impossible.

The Sheba Hope Grows Collective is a community dedicated to investing money, time, and care to collectively grow never-ending hope for coral reefs - using the power of Web 3 technology and dynamic NFTs.

The 11,269 unique Virtual Reefs are dynamic, living NFTs featuring vibrant coral on Reef Star structures.

Each virtual reef is an interactive 3D scene with a collection of different coral species & colors, unique to your individual NFT. Objectives are set for the community, and once achieved, the Virtual Reef will actively grow to a new level. The coral can spread across the Reef Star, growing bigger and healthier, and can even unlock unique marine life, including fish, rays, sharks, and turtles.

The project claimed the coveted Industry Craft Grand Prix at the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity 2022, and their ambassador program is here.

At OG Protocol, we worked with them on implementing the dynamic NFT solutions - a project which really excited us.

Collection is here.


Remember tamagotchis? That brings us back to our childhood for sure! For those born in the 80’s/90’s.

In the game Aavegotchi, dynamic NFTs are used to represent unique, digital creatures which, believe it or not, are called ‘Aavegotchis.’

Each one is generated using data from the Aave protocol, and its attributes and abilities are determined by this data. With this, it means they can change or evolve over time based on the underlying data, such as health and stamina from the Aave protocol.

For example, if high levels of activity are experienced, the Aavegotchi associated with that data may gain new abilities or attributes – meaning they will change over time based on external conditions.

Cool, right? Check ‘em out.

Cool Cats FC

We loved the integration from CoolCatsFC and the Qatar World Cup toward the end of last year.

As teams advanced through group and knock-out stages, the dynamic NFT upgraded with rewards, so it was very exciting.

Check it out.


Imagine an NFT collection that changes depending on the prices of cryptocurrencies!

Introducing Finiliars. They become happy and buoyant when the currency they are linked to does well, and sad or even sick when it performs poorly.

Check them out: https://finiliar.com/


Experience the evolution of art with boom town, from Feral File - a new project spearheaded by Peter Burr.

Each piece in boom town is a one-of-a-kind, living artwork that transforms over time like a stop-motion animation – making them dynamic!

As an owner of these, you can expect to receive a full set of images with your acquisition, but you won't be able to speed up or slow down the work's progression.

Which means, the ultimate question is - will the artwork or the technology it's powered by reach the end first?

Check it out.


OG.Art is a platform and a launchpad for dynamic NFT art collections and a completely new approach to creative collaboration.

The dynamic NFTs can grow, breed, fuse, and react to blockchain or IRL events, even after they are initially bought. Collectors can interact with their dNFTs and thus keep developing them - potentially forever.

The collections, which include OG: Crystals and Life in Our Minds innovative art projects, can be seen here.